Saturday, February 2

Getting Ready for Commercial Day

Today is Saturday. The day before the "Big Game" in football-ese. Tomorrow is the Biggest of Bowl games. THE Super Bowl. Who cares.

The past several years I have had the chance to attend the festive gatherings of friends and family that congregate (and yes, some even worship) the Super Bowl Sunday. Personally, I could care less. My team, The Washington Redskins, has not made an appearance there since 1992 (where we beat the Bills) so you do the math. We made play-offs this year, so maybe in the next two years or so, we may have a chance to be there again.

In the meantime, all the Super Bowl means to me is the celebration of 'Commercial Day'. Bowl-time is when all the companies that have large advertising budgets, try to go and out-do each other with a commercial for their product/service that will be remembered more and longer than the competitors. Movie Trailers try to rearrange the clips from the movies to make their movie more interesting. Who really wins? Ohhh, the food and drink guys. Everyone is eating and drinking, making lines at the bathrooms at Aunt Sally's, praying the guy in front of them didn't have to drop a log. And they miss all the commercials because of waiting in line, or refilling their paper plate with foody goodness, or trying to find the last Miller Lite in a fridge full of Budweisers. They miss the glory of how that car was made with loving detail to sound and perfection; the simplicity of trading stocks online; yet another action clip of why 'Die Hard 5' is wanting to be good with aging action star.

Then it all ends. Those with computer and internet access will be able to watch the ones they missed the next day. Heck, television will be replaying them for weeks since the companies blew most of their advertising budget for the first half of the year on this one commercial. Then six months later, most of us forget about the product, or service, and football season starts again. Weird cycle, huh?

But I am participating. I have been invited (actually a standing invitation til they no longer do it) to the party being put on by one of my good friends (Jan, btw) BIL. I have been in past years, and it is much fun, good food, beer, and the Game (with commercials). No fault of theirs I have to wait until Monday to see the commercials (too much good food and drink, plus it gets so loud it is hard to hear the commercials anyways).

Yeah, actually looking forward to it.


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