Wednesday, February 13

Lies, Propaganda, and Lies

I know I am going to dislike the next couple days. Today more than the next ones, but like everything, it will gradually die down. Yeah, you guessed it. Logging into Facebook. Those people I know that are a bit more politically outspoken than I, will have posts galore about 1)if they are Republican and hate Obama, 2) if they are Democrat and are defending Obama, or 3) they just want to put their two cents in. I wonder how many of them I will turn off, as in not accept their updates anymore. I have a feeling there will be a few.

I think this will be the last day I am not going to the gym. I still have a wee bit of congestion going on, but I think I can still get my workout done tomorrow. I will weigh myself on the home scale today, though I am not sure how accurate it is compared to the one I have been using at the gym. Personally, I think it reads about 3 pounds heavier, but gotta do what I gotta do.

So back to the political stuff. Did you learn anything? I didn't. I chose not to watch it and be bored. I have said it before I do not care for our current President, and times in the past I have heard him speak, it feels more like lies and wishes than what it should. I am not saying that he is any different than any other politician...

It's Hump Day. I know a place where some beer is going help me get through it.


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