Friday, February 8

I Am Standing Right ....

... in front of the fan, especially when the shit hits it. As if being sick wasn't bad enough....

The Wife had to run out to her place of employment to pick up her check, so it could be deposited. Don't ask me why she doesn't have the auto-deposit from work.. I think they did not offer it. Another story for another time. So, she's on her way to the bank branch, which is conveniently located inside one of the chain grocery stores, one that we actually like to shop at. On her way, the low tire pressure light warning comes on. No worries, it happens every once in awhile. A couple pounds low on air, no worries. She arrives, gets out, and hears the air hissing out of the tire. Great. What does she do? Calls me. I am at home with the two younger boys (young enough I prefer not to leave them unsupervised at home) and asks me what to do. Duh! Go deposit your check, buy the TP we needed at home, buy a can of fix-a-flat and get it over to Discount Tire a couple miles away before they close. Note: it is like 4:30 when this happened. Needless to say I am a bit peeved, as it's not like she has never had a flat before. Heck, I even told her to put the spare on instead of getting the fix a flat. She's at the store, so surely someone would help her.

Finally I agree to go over and take care of it myself, and she can drive back home with the boys in my van (because I would bring them with me). I go out to my van, what do you think is wrong? My front tire is flat. I shit you not. She has a flat, I have a flat. Now I'm pissed. The boys quieted down real quick. I called he back and told her. I then tried PT, but he was out and about and couldn't make it. I called the MIL to see if my BIL had made it in to town yet. No. My friend was at least another 15-20 minutes from my place, so it wouldn't do any good to try him. I needed to get the Wife's van to Discount before they closed at 6pm. I called back to the Wife, who just remembered there was a can of fix-a-flat in my van. I never remember seeing one in there, but there was. So I used it, got my tire half full, drove over to the MIL's, used her car to meet the Wife at Discount.

The reason I had to meet the Wife at Discount was because she had forgotten (I do not know how, but she did) that her bank debit card had expired, though she had a new one to be activated for quite some time now. Since it is on our account, and mine expired in August, I am sure hers did, too. She prefers to pay cash, I prefer debit.... might be why it is an issue. Either way, she would not be able to pay for the new tire as she didn't have that much cash on her. So I met her there. She drove the MIL's car back to the MIL, used the portable air compressor on the tire on my van, and drove it back home with the boys. I had to sit at Discount. With a cold. During rush hour. Sigh.

Needless to say, $150 (approx.) and an hour later (so ended up to be just after 6pm) I am finally on my way home. With her van, not mine. Now I need to figure about getting mine to Discount to get the tire looked at. Though, I just checked it a bit ago, after sitting for a few hours, and it is still holding air, so maybe the fix-a-flat sealed it. I could find no punctures,so maybe I got lucky. Guess I will know more in the morning. In the meantime, talk about frustrations!

Tomorrow has got to better. Maybe I will be healed and not sick anymore. I prefer the Wife be better than me, but will take what I can get at this point.


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