Tuesday, February 5

It Happened Again

I won't bore you with the sore muscles I have today, but I will admit they are there. I felt them as I awoke, before I even got out of bed. But I still went to the gym again today. Which brings me to my other sad point. I weighed in, and had gained about three pounds. Granted, I did eat more this weekend than I should have, and what I ate more of, was probably not as good for me as most foods. So I deserve it. Still pisses me off a bit. I could understand one pound gain, but three?!? C'mon....

So, since I am such a glutton for punishment, I decided I am going to try to stop smoking again. Yesterday morning I finished the last cigarette from my pack, so the first 24 hours is over. Not really craving any so far, but I am sure that will change especially tomorrow night, when I am in the bar. Will have to see how that goes.

It's Babysitting Tuesday, so here in about an hour I will be headed over to waste my morning sitting with the FIL. Yee-fricking-haw.


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