Sunday, January 29

And Just Another Thing ....

It's after 3am... and I am eating cold left-overs (which are good, mind you) and dealing with deliberation.

I posted early on Friday,about he start of the day. Little did I know the Boss would call me into the office. I had just finished a nice breakfast at Dennys, and was fueling up the truck, when I was called. Said I as about 15 mins away. I was in his office in 12, but he just smiled.

In my head, thinking, what did I do wrong, or what was wrong that I get in trouble...? Neither. He offered me a regular daytime position in the parts dept.

The Wife and I are still discussing details.

I'm feeling too old to do some of the stuff I do. The Wife won't see this. Yeah..... long talks,


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Rev Mom said...

I sure hope you are able to take the parts job - would be a lot less wear and tear on your body. Of course that probably means no company vehicle and you'd have to pay for gas - and report to work earlier.... but wouldn't a positive be you would also get off earlier?