Thursday, January 26

Negligence My Middle Name

I have been bad about blogging. When I was employed, prior, I had time to do it from work. Followed by a time I was unemployed. There was lots of time for me to share  But in the last, let's call it this, three years, it has been few and far between.

Does that bother you? Do you live vicariously through me?One of my best friends would always "spout" that to me, He was about fifteen years older than I, but we shared years of softball, and OTL, and ,....stuff. That was his comment. He passed a couple years ago.

April. That month I am expecting my first grandkid. The Daughter is due around the middle of April. She lives about a 4 hour drive from me, and I am trying to figure out ... everything. The Wife wants to be there for it. So do I... But, I got two kids in school that week, and though the college-aged kid could handle it. with help from my MIL, it is still quite a bit. Sigh.

The foot is almost healed completely. Still have a scab that gets smaller, but have noticed I have some nerve damage. The three toes between the large, and the pinky, experience sharp pains, randomly, throughput a day, and sometimes not felt for a few, then  several episodes. Not debilitating, but enough to notice. A bit more pain than the arthritis gives me.

Grandma's funeral went well, which I traveled back for earlier this month. Was good to see family that I had not seen in a long while, and though Grandpa seemed to be doing better, honestly not sure how long that may last. I am unable financially to do another trip if he were to pass soon, as well. In some ways, it rips my heart. I am the III, my son id the IV, and Grandpa is the Sr. But I have no choice.

Doom, Gloom, and Death have been on my mind more than I want of late. Understandably so.



Joe said...

I miss your regular posts

Heck blogging died a long time ago. I'm not sure why I bother with it beyond habit

Rev Mom said...

I've missed your posts.