Friday, January 27

Getting Funky With the Dumb Monkey

I went to the pub tonight. Mostly to meet up with one of my good buddies, as he finished playing competitive pool at another close-by location. I had not had a chance to 'hang out' with him in awhile, so we made time tonight. And it was good.

After.... the brother got in touch with me. It was late, but being the person I am, I went to hang out at his place. I love my brother.

Now it is 5am, and I have to head to work in less than an hour for a meeting, that has nothing to do with me, more than likely.

But I enjoyed that time with my brother. Tried to tell him, but he couldn't wrap his head around it.....

Sometimes life sucks. And I still have to answer to my Wife.. for tonight. Somebody call/pray for me.


1 comment:

Rev Mom said...

LOL You and your brother! Looks like your survived....