Thursday, February 2

Sometimes Good Things Happen

I got a job "promotion" in the last few days. I use those quote marks loosely. I'm moving from a job that relies on delivering parts, in the evening hours, to one where I order the same. Lots to learn. And adjusting to the "new" hours.... yeah. late nights are gone. So in theory, are the drunk posts here. Again, pro and con.

In the meantime, still doing the job. I have to, until we get a replacement.

So How about Trump?

Good? Bad?

My opinion, coulda been worse. I have no offense about any Executive Order he has made. I agree some would have been better with some more explanation, but.... for the most part, I agree (though I admit, I don't follow politics alot, so I could be way off).

Yeah, I'm thinking about the date night my Wife wants to do. I told her tonight, that I am very un-original about ideas. Told her to pick whatever she  wants to do, and we'd do our best to do it, with or without  a dinner after. So an early afternoon thing, may not get dinner. I told her I needed to know by tomorrow, so I could plan. Like the burials if she wants to skydive, because I told her no way in hell was I going to do that. She laughed. Fricking demons.

Life is.... life. We all have it.


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