Friday, February 17

Looking Forward To Free Time

We have a possible replacement for me! I guess the Boss interviewed someone yesterday morning, and that person is to contact him back today as to accepting the position or not. I'm trying to not get overly hopeful, because no idea if there are other possible applicants waiting if this one does not accept. And if he does, I still don't know a start date as of yet. Hopefully will only  have to do this maybe a week longer.... Like I said, trying to not get my hopes up just in case.

Other than that, Life is. Working on replacing the whole back fence, that had been partially destroyed by the fire back in December. Also decided to buy a shed versus the idea of the Wife and Son building one from scratch. I did agree that it could be a pre-fab one, that still needs to be assembled.

I have been lucky to not have caught the cold/flu bug that has been around the office a couple times already (knock on wood). However, my allergies have cropped up pretty bad. This last week has been a pain with the watering eyes and runny nose. With all the rain we had last month, everything is growing and blooming in this mid-70's weather. More rain expected tomorrow, so more growth... longer allergy season. Oh boy.

Free time. Seems like I don't have much with the hours I work now. But with this new shift change, though I will be going to bed earlier, it still gives me more time to do things I want to do. Like, see my family. Go to kids' school functions. Have dinner out besides a Saturday/Sunday. Go shopping if I need something, other than from Wal-mart. Yeah. I know there are many other things, too...

Guess I should head into work a bit early today. Have quite a bit of trash to clean out of the truck before a new guy starts....


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