Wednesday, February 22

With Hope, Possible Replacement

So ... got a new guy, to replace me today. Starting today. As any newbie, walking into something with no knowledge. In a way, that's good. No prior, we can train him into the ways we do things. It is only Day One for him, an d I did my best to not overload with info. Kept it simple to what we dealt with this day. Explained those well (in my opinion). Also said there will be other things that come up, and we will work through them. I will be there to help, as he learns the position, even if I am not on the drive.

So, my next few days are instruction. Maybe I learned things faster, or easier. Giving him a buffer. not everyone can grasp things as I do.... or as fast.

My worst thought, is if he does not work out. Do I need to go back to doing that job if he doesn't?

Trust me. I am doing my best to hope he holds the job. He may need a couple more days than I did, but I don't care. I'm teaching him the best I know.

We will see in next few days what happens.


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