Wednesday, February 8

It is 1am And I Am Pissed!

I spent the last thirty minutes trying to log into blogger, which is linked to my Google account. I have only accessed this from my desktop at home, however, tonight it would not let me. had to do some kind of phone verification. I said yes. I immediately got a text, saying to say yes if it was me, so I did. And waited. Nothing on my desktop, nothing on my phone. Did the same process like 5 times, in about twice that span.


Sent a comment to Google about how this was not needed before, and how I am logging in from the only device (my desktop) that I ever have for Google, let alone Blogger, surely in their God-ness, could see that....

There were like 5 options. I finally did the one with email, which within like 15 seconds I had one, and I entered a code (which being online at the desktop automatically moved to the code entery screen), and was able to throw out my drivel.

But now I am so pissed I had to do this process, that took 10 minutes to figure out how to get to this spot, I forgot that exciting things I was going to share. Instead, you get anger.

I understand protecting accounts. Glad it was in effect for mine. Did I need it? No. If I were hacked would I care? No. You would read some drivel by someone else, and unless they were drunker than I was, you would probably never know.

Fuck Google.


1 comment:

Joe said...

I refuse to do the phone thing. When the screen comes up I just go back and type the address again.

If I have to give Google my personal info I will quit blogging