Monday, February 20

What Ya See...

It is an early Monday. By that I mean like 3am. Heh. I did the bar. I also did with a good friend, coming in from North Dakota.

Does it make it right? I don't care.

I hate we did the late night,but loved having the time, He has impressed me with what he has accomplished. A great guy.

I'm not trying to sound like anyone, but my buddy has done good. I just can't say. And I asked him, about other things.

Like, see a beggar on the street. Whether begging for donations for a funeral, or whatever. Don't give. The beggar at the freeway exit? Don't give.

Here in AZ, we see many of those circumstances. Literally. So how do you choose to help?

One word,"Help", because, not one word, or the act of one person, can change the society we live in. BUT *one* person can change how it is dealt with.

I'm sure it does not make sense the way I type it it ....but... think about it.


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