Thursday, February 9

Let's Call It Stress

Aside from yesterday's outburst (which I am still pissed about), they say Life moves on.

Still awaiting to be assigned to me new position. I know I have to wait until the have a replacement driver for my current position, but this is shit. Management said 2 Tuesdays ago, they were wanting to move me up. This past Tuesday, they said they finally put an ad out. Huh? Who puts an ad in the paper, that no one gets anymore? And we already lost a week. This position is one I cannot leave without making the Boss do more personal involvement. I am not happy.

The guy I replace has been "in training" for the last week plus, and I believe the person he is replacing is leaving at the end of this week. Which means, everyone else is going to have to do double-duty, meaning overtime pay, to cover it all. I already said I won't work 14 hour days just to cover the basics of both positions. I love the overtime, but, my God..... 14 hours plus a day, 5-plus days a week? I'm young at 45, but even I could not do that.

It is what it is, and the company will have to adjust to what they have to between needs, and availability to fill it. And there ain't no one jumping to help. Yeah... typical company where everyone is about themselves.

Other than that, Life is. Got kids trying to say they are sick to avoid school, when they aren't. Got kids sick, and shouldn't go to school. Trying to replace the back fence that got burned out in the fire we had, plus re-building a shed structure. And replace fence structures torn down during the fire, and maybe a gateway, that needed to be repaired/replaced.

I'm tapped for awhile. I'll probably bitch more than anything, but some is better than none. Oh, and let me add, the Wife heard a "clunk" loudly in her driver side door of the minivan tonight. She's scared to use the controls to roll down the window, thinking it might be the noise. Note - we have replaced the window motor before (on my own) and the window is up, though she has not tried to use the motor controls since hearing the noise. I told her to wait for Saturday, when I have daylight to see if there is an issue.

Delayed for a couple days. Works for me. Plus I got all that fencing in the backyard, and forgot to buy posts.... no idea when I, or we, will get to that, but we need more material.

Starting to feel overwhelmed.


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