Monday, August 17

Beautiful Monday Morning

That sure is a word most people don't use to describe a Monday morning. I thought twice before I actually used it. I debated using "nice" instead, but for a Phoenix morning, it is quite beautiful. I drove the daughter to school and the temperature was great; the sun was just about to peak over the mountain to the east; the morning colors of the sky were displaying a calming combination. Just beautiful.

So, I was able to waste that much space with drivel. Beautiful. You know it is bad when your friends read your blog, and when you don't update for a few days, they actually email you telling you that the blog is lacking content for them to waste time reading. Pathetic!! But, being under the thumb of my readers, I am here to complete your requests.

This weekend was another busy one. The kids had just finished their first week of school. Nothing major. My in-laws celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. A very big. The Wife and her brothers had made it a surprise celebration at a local restaurant and two of her brothers had been able to attend from out of state. Needless to say, they were surprised and excited. The Wife has off today to spend some family time before one of the brothers leaves for home.

The in laws celebrated the 50th on Saturday. But Friday was a celebration as well. The Reverend Mother and her hubby celebrated their Anniversary on the 14th. I don't know how many years (not 50 yet obviously) but still. I spent Sunday afternoon at the Sister's playing Wow with the BIL And nephew. We are kicking so much butt at that game!! The Wife had the kids spending time with her family.

And that was all the excitement of the weekend. I know. Kept you at the edge of your seat, huh? Well, the Wife is planning on going to a place called Ridemakerz today. It is someplace you take your boys (or girls too I guess) and build model cars or something like that. Her brother brought his youngest son, and she thought he might like that. Me? I an going to play WoW.

Okay. That's it for now. I am still a bit groggy from staying up late last night, and the thought process is running slow. That and I will be spending the next 20 minutes trying to spellcheck this post. Have a good day!


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