Sunday, August 30

Sunday Morning Coming Down

It's early. Well, for me on a Sunday morning it is. For some unknown reason, 6:00am knocked me up the side of the head and wouldn't let sleep hold me in it's arms. Si I am up doing the the daily surfs.

My nephew won his first football game for PopWarner. I wasn't able to make it like I had hoped. Maybe htat's why I can't sleep this morning becuase Saturday morning I couldn't wake up. Mighthavebeen for the best though. Sis made a comment that it seems some of the people are coming down with colds anyways. Don't need to catch any of that.

The Wife and Daughter go Wednesday night to proof the Senior Portraits. Some year after that (and the hefty price we have to pay) we will have some pics of her for her senior year. I am sure I will get one posted once I get one.

Other than that, it has been a typical weekend. The family did some chores around the house, and they will attend church this mornig.

See y'all later this week.


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