Wednesday, September 2

Mid Week Blahs

Hump day is here and finds me lacking in the 'Interesting' department. I am beginning to think that because of the summer temps here in AZ that is the reason I don't have much going on. I prefer to stay indoors as much as possible, so I don't do anything.

Tonight theWife and daughter are going to look at her Sr portrait proofs and place the order. Another half a grand gone I am sure. Twenty years ago when I was a senior, I don't recall everything being so high-priced. But then I guess that is the way things go.

Sis and family are starting to feel better from their colds. I guess their poodle had some pups last night too. If I recall correctly, the BIL said there were 3 in the litter, which is a normnal size litter for the small poodle. I have reminded my kids again, that NO, we are not getting one of the pups. Still have the Spawn of Satan, Rusty, here in the home.

Rusty and I have come to a good deal. HE doesn't bother me during the day, and I don't toss him around the house, or kick him out of my way. So far, he is doing good on his end of thebargain.

My uncle informs me he started a blog recently. I am going to have to bug him to find out where it is and see how things go for it. Maybe if he likes I can link it over ont he side so other family members that read here can learn a thing or two.

Ok, I am typed out for now. See y'all next time.


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