Thursday, September 3

Babies and Labor Day Weekend

For family today's choice of titles - NO! TheWife is NOT pregnant!!

It's Thursday, and today I get the wonderful decision to figure out what is going on this weekend as far as what my family plans on doing. I know many have big gatherings and have barbecues, beer and whatnot. This year, I don't know what to do. The daughter's boyfriend will be back in town from college and she has already asked about spending "part of" a day with him at some point. I know that means as much time as she can get away with. The Wife said she would rather just stay home and do things around the house. The boys just want more chances to play WoW.

Me. I just celebrate. See, I am a Labor Day baby. Back many years ago (but not 40 of them, Sis) I was birthed into this world on the holiday. Now, my birthday only falls on that day every 11 years, but the weekend is always a big deal for me. This year, I have no idea what I am going to do. Most years, I have Stuman drive me around the pubs I visit, get my free birthday drinks, plus drinks from friends, etc. But this year, he is leaving for Mass. for a couple weeks for training having to do with his Army job. So he won't be my DD this year.

Actually, though, the past few months, I have been doing good about not going out drinking as much, so I probably would not want to do that this year anyways. Makes the Wife happy at least.

Either way, this Sunday is my birthday, and I need to figure out how to celebrate this year. I thnk it will come down to taking the family out to dinner at one of my favorite places to eat. Only, then I have to make a decision as I have so many!!

Hope everyone has a good weekend coming up!! I know I will one way or another!!


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