Monday, September 7

Labor Day

It is the final day of a nice three day weekend. I am sitting here, too damn early in the morning, hoping you all are going to wind up this evening, recapping a wonderful weekend. I feel like my weekend is already over and know mine was one of a kind.

I spent way too much time this weekend playing WoW. Of course, Saturday, it had rained most of the morning. I had presumed my nephew's football game had been called due to the rain and lightning, but I guess where they played, it didn't rain until after the game. It was only 2 miles from my house, but it was pouring here.

Sunday, my birthday was nice. Spent the morning playing on the computer when some friends called early in the afternoon. Went to my regular pub, where they had got me a coupe presents and a decorated Choc-Chip Cookie (they remembered I don't eat cake). So had a few with them then headed home. Our family tried a new place for my dinner. It was called Black Bear Diner, and had a little bit of a New Hampshire type theme. Food was great and priced well for the good sized portions. I had the Meatloaf dinner - and had to bring about a good 1/3 home. I think almost everyone brought something home. And the bill was still under $70 before tip. The Wife and I added it to the list of places we like to eat at.

For the loot -I have been scoring pretty good. The Reverends (both are ordained) got me a Barnes & Noble gift card. Rev Mom made the comment she finally realized it is better to let me pick my own type of books out then try to guess what I would like to read. My brother is in Massachusetts, but when he had come home from Germany last month, he had given my present early - a authentic stein and T-shirt from Germany. Sis emailed me and said she has something for me I need to pick up, or she can bring to me. I don't know why she got me more - they already gave me this newer, upgraded computer setup a few months ago and told me it was an early birthday present. I wasn't expecting anything more from them. My friend Ginny got me a gift card for my choice of 4 different restaurants. I told her I would save it for when she and I go to Red Lobster here sometime soon.

For the best present so far, the Wife and kids have not given me anything. I have been dropping the bomb about what I want for my birthday for the past month or more, and it worked. I get to go to the 'Big Boys Toy Store - Electronics' and pick me out a really nice sound system for the computer. Right now I got a crappy pair of tinny speakers that distorts the sound when you turn it up just loud enough to hear. Been using the headphone/mic set to hear games, etc. But now I can get some good speakers and maybe a sub-woofer. If I price it good enough, I might even upgrade the head/mic set too. That would be a nice bonus!

Thanks to everyone out there that have sent nice thoughts and wishes my way for that special day. More to come soon.


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