Friday, September 11

Overcoming your Fears

I know many, many people in this day and age have a severe fear of something. Several of us won't admit it; others talk about it openly like they were at an AA meeting. But 99.9% of everyone has one of some sort. I know I do. But I am not here to share about it. I'm just saying....

So if everyone has at least one major, severe fear, wouldn't it make sense that there are other things in life that scare them, just not as bad? Death is a fine example for me. I am scared of dying in a sense, but I know it is going to happen at some point. Maybe the manner in which I die is more scary than actually dying...

Another issue I am not here to talk about today. I am getting good at not getting to the point. Please elect me President.

*Sigh* Okay. I swallowed the bile tasting saliva, tightened up the belt, and overcame one of my more severe, but not the most severe, fear.

I visited the dentist.

Yeah, I know. Many people have fears/dislikes for the Tooth Doctor. Mine I think is just based on bad experiences while younger. I am not saying I am a toothless, younger than 40 (that's for you Sis) guy - just that the dentists I visited never explained procedures, didn't check my comfort with the numbness, etc. In fact, I see more and more of these dentists offices conforming to society by going out of their way to make them nice experiences. There must be many more like me.

So the Wife and kids have been visiting this one clinic about a mile and half up the road. Nice. Close to home. Kids like him. I have a filling that fell out a couple years ago. It hurts. I'll see him. Called - got in the next day (yesterday). I knew I was a new patient and there would be x-rays galore. But digital pictures too? And a tour of the office? Dang .... Nice place.

This Doc sat down after a brief exam and history, explained what is going on wrong with my teeth, using very understandable jargon, digital pics of the tooth being discussed, and the x-rays. Gave me options for each problem, suggestions, and recommendations - all based on his opinion and let me know the cost involved as well. This has got to be a dream I am thinking.

Then, the filling I lost was actually between 2 teeth, and for immediate purposes, he filled the holes with a plastic compound so it would stop hurting for the short term. I loved this! Concerned about my pain! This guy was good! I think they sucker punched me with some really good nitrous or something int he back room when they did the x-rays - the nurse was out of the room several times....

Bottom line came down to: 2 root canals, 3 crowns, and several cavities to be fixed. Worked it all in to about 8 appointments. First root canal starts next Thursday. Then Tuesday, Then a planing and Scaling of the plaque a couple weeks after that. Yeah. Not looking forward to that one. But he (the doc) actually helped me overcame a fear of dentists by walking me through the process and explaining everything (even if I thought some of it was boring).

So, that was the excitement of the week. How about you? Can you beat it?

The daughter has Sr. photos now. Will have to see if Daddy gets any and will post.


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