Saturday, August 8


MAn, I am ready for bed. Just got done playing some WoW. My bro in law hooked me up with a set of headphones w/mic and I installed the software so I can talk with them while we are all online playing. It's pretty rad for a bumpkin like me! The boys are excited to get their chance to try it out with their cousin!

The Reverend Mother celebrated her 60th bday with a surprise party for her tonight. I can't explain how hard it was to not mention anything that would tip her off as to the shindig. Needless to say, it came off as a success. Sis did a wonderful job with a picture video put to music she made ont he computer. Good enough I got some tears going - and I watched it like 4 times before the party! For relatives reading this, I am sure I can pass word along if you would like a copy of the video (hint Uncle Mike). I know my Aunt will be here til Wed. I am sure Sis can burn a copy to send back.

The Daughter and I had a nice conversation over breakfast this morning. We worked out the problem, and made better guidelines as to what each of us expect. Maybe making the mistakes now with her will make it easier when the boys get that age. Somehow I doubt it.

Nate had a wonderful birthday today. He scored a number of programs for the computer, and Saturday (today) we are going to the place of his choosing for lunch. Go figure it is a place similar to Chuck E Cheeses (or Showbiz - depending on where you are at I guess). I know he will be getting more stuff tomorrow. Not a bad haul for a 7 year old.

Okay I gotta git as my eyes are falling down.


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