Friday, August 7

Another year has gone by....

Today my middle son turns 7 years old. As a parent, you see your kids growing seemingly so fast before your eyes. He has become a great young man for his age, and simply thrives on showing his affection amongst family. Now if only I can raise him correctly to have solid ideals about everything....

... that brings to the oldest, my daughter. In about 15 minutes we are off to McDonalds to have a sit down discussion about her interpretation of permission, and how we can resolve things to make it less stressful all the way around. She had come home last night from a date only an hour late - after I even called her on the phone. Yeah, Dad wasn't happy. Mom wasn't happy. And now - because I told her last night we would be discussing punishment this weekend, she is taking the "I hate you and everybody hates me - I am moving out when I am 18" trash talk. Oh didn't I mention the yelling at every one and the tears?


I am still trying to figure where I went wrong in raising this one. I am sure everyone has a finger to point me int he direction of my error, and I am trying my patient best (and I am not a patient person) to at least remedy the situation if not fully correct it. Too little too late probably, but I got to try something. The Wife and I are both tired of this all. At least she graduates next summer and is striving to get to UofA that next fall.

Today though, is a good day. Concentrate on the son's birthday. He will be opening his presents and such tonight whenever The Wife gets home from work. Fridays she has to work late enough that it makes it hard to do a family dinner out, so we moved the event to tomorrow. He has decided on a pizza place that has the games/tokens thing going on. Now I have to figure out when to do that so the daughter can be there, as she has a bday party for a friend's baby (yes, young mother) also. Plus, a bunch of my high school alumni are doing a large get together tomorrow night I would like to attend. I have a feeling I am not going to make it.


The things parents give up for their children. Too bad this is only a lesson learned. Would have been nice to know maybe ahead of the whole being a parent thing. Not that I would change it, just would like to have known about it ahead of time. Or maybe I knew it, but just didn't pay attention. That is more like it.

Enough of this today. I am off to have the discussion, then picking the boys up and headed to the Sis's house for all the cousins to play together for the afternoon.


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