Friday, August 21

Week's End

TGIF - seriously! Not that I feel anything relief from a full work week or anything, I am just happy is Friday. No major reason, just sounds good.

An uncle from Indiana came into town yesterday to visit for a couple days. Took the family over to Reverend Mother's for supper of Taco Soup and chips. Don't ask - I couldn't explain it. Just know it was good and I had 2 helpings. She also had tried to make some old fashioned ice cream, but it wouldn't harden up. So we had shakes instead. We visited for a while then did the tag team with the Sis and her son. Today I guess RM and he are going to 'walk the mal' and do whatever they feel like doing.

I have mentioned before that the daughter is a senior this year. That means all the extra things we have to do as parents. Saturday she has her Senior Portraits scheduled. We are doing the next to smallest package, and it is still like $300. I was shocked to see some packages are upwards of $800, plus a 'sitting session fee' for additional poses/clothe changes/etc. I'll never understand it all. Then she mentioned SATs are coming up in October. So there is another $45 I think, plus having to take her where ever the place of testing is located.


Only three more kids to do all this for after her.... Joy.

Alrighty, time to head out of here. I have ran out of good stuff to write about that is even remotely interesting.


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