Tuesday, August 25

Crappy morning

Today can only get better, I hope. This morning has been full of enough stuff to disappoint me, that short of being in an accident, or dying, I don't know what else could be worse.

In the mornings I take the daughter to school. She has what they call zero hour for band - gives them an extra hour to practice for marching season, and during regular season, for music practice. It is one of those things I don't care to do, but ya gotta be a parent sometimes. Anyways, I usually drive the Wife's vehicle, as it has AC and is a nicer ride than my POS car. This morning, it also blew out the driver side front tire on the way. Luckily, we were a very short distance from the school and the daughter didn't have to go far. I on the other hand, am at the parking lot entrance, in old T-shirt and grungy old shorts - clothes I just threw on to do the 15 min run to school and home. No shoes, shorts barely staying up, bending over trying to get the tire changed. I am sure passing traffic loved the view of my fat ass wagging at them.

As chance would have it, I actually had grabbed my cell phone and put it in my pocket before I left home. Something I never as a rule, do.

Tire got changed, asked the FIL to run the Wife to work, and I was out front of Discount Tire 15 min before they opened. Ten minutes later, I have 2 new tires, a free rotation, and spent $205. So, seemed easily fixed for the 20 minute butt-shaking show I gave North Phoenix today. Normally one would have to pay to see something like that....

I get home, shower the sweat and tire grunge off me, and start my daily routine. By the time I got to where I log into my WoW game, I find out it is down for maintenance until supposedly 11AM. It;s after that now and it is still non-operational.

I am just having a bad morning. Needless to say, I have to pick the Wife up from work later on - not too bad. At least I'll have AC to do that in. Supposed to be 109+ today.

Okay, I need to get off of here I guess. My Uncle is asking for some pics from my IN trip. Good thing I finally downloaded them just yesterday for this occasion. I know he'll be happy! Ya know I luv ya Uncle Mike!


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