Wednesday, April 25

Aw Heck! Twice in a Month!

Yeah, decided to try once again to post more. I think it is more of a 'release' to the amount of angst I have right now...anger... dissatisfaction... with how my current employer is treating me me. Over a 'year ago, I was 'raised' to a position higher than the "driver". Took over a year, and I finally got a review, with a $1.00/hour raise, which I could have gotten staying the driver. No position increase, though I do more now than then. Add to that, my Boss says he wants me to learn all the procedures that my co-worker knows, because she may retire in the next couple years, and he sees me "running the whole parts department" after that.... for a dollar an hour more. Fuck that Bullshit.

So, now looking for other work.



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