Saturday, May 12

Change Is Coming

I had an interview this past week.

Yes, I finally took that big step, and decided I need to move on from the current job position and company. The last several months have been "eating at me" with feelings of being taken advantage of, among other things. I really do like the position, and the company, but sometimes enough is enough.

So, this interview just "fell into my lap". A friend of a friend that needs a guy that is able to perform this...hey, I know a guy, and he is looking... etc. The interview went really well. I am hoping to get a call back with an offer in the next week or so. I know they have gone through two people at least, just in the last month for this position, and through the friends, heard they were let go. Talk about adding some nervousness to the position.

Other than that, it feels really good to know I have stepped over that line. That line of indecision about actually starting to look for work.I actually feel like my confidence level has gone up, and I have a more positive outlook in general. No, I'm not bright and sunshiney anytime of anyday, but my attitude is better.

Aside from that, Life goes on. Boys are finishing up school within the next month. My Doodad has learned to say Papaw (which was an awesome little video the Daughter had sent me a couple weeks ago. I'm at 69/140 on my reading challenge this year, which is 49%... and 19 books ahead of schedule.

Yeah.... things are starting to look a bit better of late.


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Rev Mom said...

Have you heard anything about the job? Congrats on 49%! That is awesome!