Sunday, May 27

Only a Few, Small Changes....

That's about all I have going on in Life right now. Still waiting to hear about the job position I interviewed for a couple of weeks ago. Tuesday I think I will call and just do a follow-up to see if they are still considering me for the job, and show that I am still interested. I haven't put out any other applications in the time frame since then. I have skimmed some of the job-search sites, using different key words for looking at what is out there.

Last weekend I finally went out and got a personal phone. I had been using the company phone I was given 4+ years ago for all my "phone stuff", and knew I would need to get a personal one especially if looking for another job. Never realized how many phone contact I had until I started letting people know my new number. In fact, there were many that I did not bother to contact, as they were not close friends, or I had their number for some minor reason. I did a Facebook post so that many on there, if they wanted my number, they could request it from me by private message, if I decided they needed it. No one asked. Needless to say, my contact list is smaller now.

The two younger boys finished up their school years this past week, and are now on break. Wife's work is the same. My work is starting to hit our "slow" season.

The Daughter's family came up from Tucson for the weekend. My lil Doodad was over for a bit yesterday, and I guess will be over for a bit this afternoon. I never thought I would start saying things like "She is getting so big!" and other things you always hear grandparents say.... but I did. And she is! She even said "Papaw" for me last night. It might be considered bragging, but I guess her favorite book to "read" is the one I got her for her birthday. And she loves to play with the dinosaur plushie I got her. I don't know if my Daughter says this because it is true, or if she just wants to make me feel like the things I personally pick for her are wonderful things she loves. I of course, choose to believe it is the truth and they are her favorites. It makes me feel awesome.

Not much else to share today. It is Memorial Day weekend. Past years I used to go out to the cemetery and visit briefly with a couple of friends that were servicemen. I haven't the past three years, and probably will not make it out this year. But as long as they are thought of, and remembered, as well as the many others not only in my family, then it should be a good holiday. We have nothing special planned. Sis invited us over for Monday, but that won't happen. I suppose we will try to find something to do together as a family.


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