Sunday, May 13

Mother's Day 2018

Happy Mother's Day!

That is probably about the extent of my gifts this year. Last year, I had done Sherri's Berrie's, and though I heard all those I purchased for enjoyed them, it was rather pricey. Also, they screwed up the delivery schedule that was offered, accepted and paid for.

The couple years before that I just did flowers with delivery. But amidst much of stuff going on in Life this year, I haven't even had the time to do that. Not even shop for a card. I suppose text messages will have to work this year. Yeah ... I'm a bad Son.

Growing up, the Reverend Mother and I had a different kind of mother/son relationship.Much of my growing up I was either too young to remember things exactly, and then there were years I lived with my Dad (they were divorced). Lived with RM again about when I was 14, but in most ways, I never considered us "close". All the years between now and then, I am able to see how good of a mother she always was,or did her best to be.

I also look back at the The Wife. All four of my kids have a great relationship with her, probably because I'm the Dad, but still. I dropped the ball with that one too, and with the boys being the only ones at home, I didn't get anything for her from them.

Definitely a "holiday" I am good at fucking up... go figure.


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