Friday, April 20

Words in the Dust

I am so out of habit of coming here anymore to write about... well, anything. Not so much that I am busy ... just ... well ... not here. Dust fits right (write) in there with how I am feeling today, too. The wind has been around AZ the past couple of days, stirring up dust, pollens, and who knows what else, that my allergies just love. I just love waking up being able to breathe, then within the hour, am clogged up, which then releases about two hours after that to a runny nose for a good part of the day. OTC pills don't seem to help anymore, and there is no way I am going to the doctor for an allergy shot...

Yesterday my Doodad turned one. Tomorrow the family is going down to Tucson to help celebrate her 1st birthday. Not sure what-all the Wife got her for presents, but Papaw ordered a couple things from Amazon that showed up today. One is a book I think she will like being read to her, and as she learns to read over the next few years. I also got what was supposed to be a a plush dinosaur. It came in a box like a hard cover book would arrive in, and once opened, contained said plush toy vacuum-sealed in plastic, in a sort of round shape about 10 inches across, and an inch thick. It took me a minute to realize what it was... and I'm thinking, that was not what I was expecting when I ordered it online... I am leery about opening the plastic, but it needs to get out to hopefully "resume" the shape it is supposed to have, though I fear it may not. That present may just stay at Papaw's house for when she comes to visit. At least I got her the book.

Work is well, work. Over the past few months, I have slowly started to become more unhappy about the job. Earlier this week I finally got the raise for the job position I should have had 10 months ago, and it is not anywhere close to being what it should be. In fact, if I had stayed the driver with a company gas card and vehicle, the increase would have been my yearly wage increase. So basically, even though I have been in a more critical position with additional training, I won't make more. Soooo, I am really not happy. I have not really actively started looking for a position with another company, but I have a couple friends that networked out a bit for me. Maybe I'll luck out and something will happen soon. In the mean time, I tread on.

Not much else I feel like sharing right now..


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