Thursday, July 2

Another day in the steaming pits of the Wife's discontent

That's one hell of a post title, but I think it pretty much still fits. Yesterday morning, I figured I would have to wait until she got home to go get my car. I was wrong again. At 10:30am the bar calls me. Seems they were tearing up the parking lot that day to re-do it, and my car was right it in the middle. I had to call a cab to get there to get my car home.

Yeah, that's not too bad. At least it wasn't impounded or whatnot. But then later that afternoon, I notice it is dripping fluid from the radiator. I couldn't find the leak, but I just had the radiator replaced in March. So I found the paperwork, and will be going to the garage tomorrow to see what story they can find so the warranty won't cover it.

I don't think the Wife has said more than 5 words to me. In some ways, that's kind of nice.

I got some decent movies in to watch today. "Taken", "Eagle Eye", and Puisher:Warzone". I got punisher for the kids.

Okay, I am off for some hot dogs and chips and a movie!


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