Monday, July 6

Monday, I frown upon thee

For some reason, I have always hated Mondays. Even if that day were the 'Friday' of my work week, I would still not like them. Maybe it is some kind of connotation in the word. I don't know.

The weekend was good. Family had a good time. Played some World of Warcraft. Remembered how addicting games like that can be. Spent the 4th up all night playing it, then slept most of Sunday afternoon.

I was supposed to take my car into the shop today to have them look at the radiator. It started leaking last week, and today would have been the first chance for them to look at it. Should be under warranty since the whole thing was just replaced this past March, and I don't drive the car much. Unfortunately, due to the night up over the weekend, I think it was hard to get up this morning, and I didn't arise until late. I'll have to ask the Wife if she even tried to wake, but I sleep like the dead. She might have, she might not have. Either way, I'll ask her to be sure I am up in the morning so I can get it in. The car to the shop that is.

Eleven days to go until I leave for my trip. Everything has been confirmed - I have addresses for most places I need. I have gone shopping and gotten some really nice clothes and am basically ready to pack. This is the hard part - waiting.

Nothing else much to write about today. Tune in tomorrow for more non-exciting stuff.


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