Wednesday, July 1


It was a Tuesday night. Not a typical one, but one that evidently got a tad bit out of hand. How do I know? My car is not in my drive. But I knew long before that fact.

It started as a decent day. I was enjoying a good book and a brew. A friend showed up, and things started to worsen. But I was blind. I did not see things coming.

Within a few hours, one friend was asked to leave the place. She was a bit upset at a particular person, but bartender rules - she had to go. As the remaining two of us contemplated this change of events, the partaking of some adult beverages took place.

By closing time, I was ready for home. I was in my car, and had just turned it around (in the parking lot, and was talking to my friend, when Phoenix's best interrupters of a good time showed up. I was allowed to park the car, and get a ride home at least.

The Wife wasn't exactly thrilled at 2:30'ish when I called.

We dropped my buddy off, and proceeded home - me catching an earful most of the way.

Needless to say, it is Wednesday, and my car is not here. Guess I will have to wait til after 6 when she gets home, to ride me up there and get it.

16 days and counting down.


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