Tuesday, June 30

Tuesady morning working

I actually almost feel like I have a job this morning. Here I am sitting at the computer at a good start work hour, and I am writing up the itinerary for my trip. Adjusting the days where I will be, verifying contact numbers and confirming the dates I will be staying with people. Almost makes me feel like work.

17 days and counting down.

This past weekend was nothing major exciting. The 4th is Saurday approaching, and we are planning on spending the day at my sister's.

I am still trying to finish up all the scanning. I have no clue if I will have it 100% done by the time I leave or not. The Wife keeps bringing up more stuff for the other project (that we still have to complete our family photos for). The Wife is being lazy and not realizing there is a deadline to get the items in. That makes me so frustrated at times. She loves to put things off to the last minute. Now I know where the daughter gets the trait from. Myself, I like to be early - not on time.

Now, see! I done got myself a bit pissy already this morning. It sure does feel like work.

That's it for now. Look for more later.


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