Wednesday, June 10

Mid-Week Doldrums

I think I might have caught a case of the Blahs and Boredom. Yesterday I didn't have much, but I was excited to finally see that movie - which was good. But now I still really have nothing for you.

The Project is still in process, but I can only do so much a day. My back and behind get sore if I sit here too long so I only do a couple of rolls per day. Sometimes a bit more.

So I hear I get to see a new Indy airport that is nicer than the old one. I hope it isn't confusing. I looked it up on maps and it looks pretty straightforward. I'll have the rental car place help me out with directions too, just in case.

The rest of my trip is looking good. I am waiting confirmation from one friend to finalize everything.

That's all I got. Think I am going to go read a bit, then come back and try to work on the project some more.


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