Sunday, June 21

Another Good Sunday

Happy Father's Day to those out there that it applies too!

For part of my special day, the family went out to supper last night to Garcia's, and I stuffed myself. It was a good dinner and the kids didn't fight or fuss - quite a surprise at that! I had been craving ice cold tea all day, and I must have had 10 glasses of it throughout our time in the restaurant. And that El Magnifico Sampler platter just really hit the food spot! Some of us had watched a made for TV movies called "Category 6: Day of Destruction" earlier in the day, and we finished out the night after dinner watching "Category 7" a sequel to the other. Kinda cheesy, but the good part was each was 3 hours long, and family time together for them.

Today will be spent with my heading back to bed to cat nap and read a bit. Then when the Wife and kids get home from church, we'll head to my sister's place, and spend the afternoon there for a BBQ and meet up with my parents. Afterwards, we'll swing by my in-laws to do Dad's presents there. It sure is looking to be another good day.

I like to think that I am not a real verbal person when it comes to certain topics like politics or religion, but I have come across a good example, that what I think may not be true. I mean, I know I have caught myself at different times in the bar discussing either of these subjects (very taboo) but around the home, I figured no, I don't. Another of life's lessons that kids note the smallest details about how they see the parents and others in the house do/say/act upon things. The following is a scan of some schoolwork my 6 year old son had done this last year. The Wife had found it ( I don't know where, since it has what appears to be juice stains on it and it was pretty wrinkled) and shown to me several weeks/months back. I came across it again as I was going through a stack of paperwork/magazines/etc stacked near the computer.

Amazing where kids get this stuff, huh? A six year old making his first political statement. Almost brings a tear of joy to the eye. I am curious what his teacher thought when she read it....

What else have I got for you today? Hmmmm, still working on my Scan Project. I should hope to be done with it near the end of this week, maybe the first of next. At least the scanning part. Then I still need to organize/move the current digital pictures into the proper corresponding order/categories I did the scans. THEN - it'll be nice and easy to locate certain pics, and saving new ones will be easier label. *Sigh* I get excited when I think how nice it will be once I actually get it done.

My Sister and brother (Stuman) decided to return to Indiana for the family get together this July. The Sis called me yesterday to let me know they got their tickets and what days they were staying. I think she just couldn't stand me going by myself and having a good time. Sisters are that way sometimes. I will have to call my buddy in Michigan as he hasn't responded yet about staying there a couple days. Hope that will work out still.

Friday I took Rusty (you know, Spawn of Satan) tot eh Vet for his 3rd set of booster shots/vaccines. That lil pig gained 1 and 1/4 pounds since his last visit 3 weeks prior. Yeah, he sure is nice and healthy compared to the way the Wife found him about 10 weeks ago. Damn cat. Sometimes I get happy thoughts when I think of just in a few months, I'll be taking him in to get neutered. Yeah, that should help mellow him out.

Guess that is about all I got for you today. Looking forward to this afternoon and maybe getting to play with my new camera some more. Who knows, maybe I can get some good pics to post.


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