Tuesday, June 23

Hmmmm.... What should I put here?

That's my thought for the day. I have nothing exciting to share. So I am just gonna spout some one liners and see where it goes.

My typing is atrocious today. Thank goodness for spellcheck.

Under 30 days until I leave for my trip to Indy. Heard back from my friend in MI, and I need to re-arrange a couple days, but otherwise things should work out nicely.

DCI (Drum Corps International) is tomorrow night, but this year we won't be attending. We didn't find out til last minute, and the regular price of tickets are a bit high. The last two years, my Wife's boss's son was in the Corps from Tempe, and we were able to get advance discount tickets. The daughter is going though with some friends. She gets some additional credit points for band next year for attending.

Summer is back in AZ. As of yesterday morning, they are saying 109 by Friday. It was nice having early June under 100 for several days. I am ready to head to Reverend Mother's and enjoy the pool.

Still scanning pictures. Most of what I am down to are ones I can't place the year or estimate the age of the kids. The Wife will have to sit down with me, and maybe even bring the daughter in for consult. I still hope to be done prior to leaving.

I still have that Ice cold tea craving. My Wife is so good to me, she picked up a can of tea mix when she got milk last night on her way home from work. Ain't she the best!!! I've already had 2 large glasses this morning. At this rate, I'll need another can of mix by the weekend.

Okay, that's enough for now. I am off to read for a bit then I don't know what. Might meet a friend and help him celebrate a birthday - who knows.

But that pool over at Reverend Mother's sounds good about now... no kids, me and a radio and a pitcher of iced tea. Sure sounds good.


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