Friday, June 12

Management of Boredom and Anger

I never was very good at managing either of these two issues, and like life generally goes in my household, they were here this week.

The boring part is mostly just me doing some work that is monotonous. Sitting a couple hours at a time doing a repetitious duty just drives me insane. Though I could sit and read for hours, I can't do that to scan pics.

Then let's get to the anger part. Yeah, the Daughter loves to work this one on me. She is even better at it than her mother. First flare-up was the other day when the daughter leaves some paperwork on my computer desk. "What's this?" I ask, not knowing and wasn't feeling up to reading it. "That's the booklist for the summer I need Dad."

"Oh, the one you mentioned two weeks ago, and I said get me the titles and I'll get them?"

"Yes. They are both listed on the first page there."

Ahhhhh, permission to peruse paperwork that wasn't mine. As I read, I see she is supposed to have the first 9 chapters read from one book and posted a discussion on it through a school associated site with Yahoo - by the 15th. Here it is the 10th, and I am just now getting the titles. This is at like 10 at night - so there is nothing I can do right then. The next day I called Barnes and Noble - thank goodness they had copies of both (Ralph Elison's "Invisible Man" and Thomas C. Foster "How to read literature like a professor"). So I had a hold put on them, and last night the daughter and I drove there to get them. Even with a discount it was like $30 total.

So, the anger went away from the prior night - I was able to locate the books needed last minute to complete her assignment. Sounds like SuperDad, and I am feeling pretty good about it. Then last night, I went to bed about 10'ish and the Wife came in about 12'ish. I noticed the front room light still on so I inquired and was told the daughter was "just finishing up something on the computer and then headed to bed." Finishing up? At midnight? Non-school related of course. Okay, that's fine.

I waken at 2am. She is still on the computer. I mention the time and that she needs to get off to bed. She is 'just finishing up now'. I'm a bit pissed. 2 hours to finish up something? At 2:30, again I tell her she needs to get off to bed - 'just finishing'. I go awaken the Wife. When she's sleepy, she can be a good witch. I hear an exchange of words, but not clearly. The Wife comes back in saying she should be done in 15 minutes. I catnap once again. This time I awake at 3:30, she's still on the computer. I, in a very loud threatening manner inquire what the hell could she be doing that to finish up takes 3 1/2 hours? Copying music CD's into Itunes from her friend, because she has to give her back the CD's today.

I am fuming now. No way am I going to be able to go back to bed to sleep. I asked for a specific amount of time needed to finish or I was killing the power. Twenty minutes I am told. I go to the family room and for the next 40 minutes I walk in and remind her of the time every 5 minutes. Then remind her she is never going to be on the computer past midnight again or I kill power. Then I smile sweetly and say "Thanks for asking if you could add that crap to my computer too." Yeah, I was pissed.

But I did watch "Seven Pounds" during that time frame. Good movie.

That's all I got today. I am off to have breakfast with a friend.


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