Friday, June 19

Might be worth the Wait

Welcome to another Friday. Though, truly it is a day that I have nothing to blab about on here. However, it has been one hell of a morning. For some reason, again I was awake at 3am and even after doing emails, and playing a couple little games, I could not sleep. Instead, as I lay in bed, a story started unfolding in my head.

I thought, that would be sort of cool if I could remember all this and get it at least into short form to get the details. Since then, I have not been able to do that. In fact, I decided by 5am that I had better start typing. So I did. As I am typing, I am getting more and more story idea and no time to put it down to paper because I might forget what I am writing now.... Damn! When writer's block goes, the damn flood pours!

Without further ado - go over to my other site and check out chapter 1. Open for any and all criticism - anyone knows I am not a perfect writer.
Oh, you can find it quicker by clicking here.....

Can't believe I am on a roll. Gonna have to stop in a bit to run Rusty to the vet though - it is booster day!


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