Sunday, June 14

Okay, and a Whoopie!!!

Yep. Exciting header/headline today, ay? Hmph. I noticed that I finally got over the 25K mark (accolades of applause for those that care). I even wanted to copy the info of the winner, but when I looked....OMG. Hoosierboy had a nice rounded out big hit, and it was the same person! Someone, who's ISP is out of Shady Springs, WV, is the big whole lotta nothing winner. Twice over even. yee haw.

Again, the weekend is here, and I ain't got nothing for you. I am so pathetic. I did have a good time at the bar, seeing a friend that is leaving for Atlanta in a couple weeks. That was cool.

The Daughter is gone to help do VBS for a remote town with her Grandpa this week. So it is the boys, Mom, and I. Hmmmm... wonder what sorta trouble we can cause.

Went shopping today. The original intent was to help me get some clothes for my trip to Ind. Ended up buying much more. Needless to say I got the new digital camera, a Sony DSC-W230 which was way cool. I get the new one for my trip. The Wife keeps the old one. She knows how to work it better. Heh. Sorta like the rest of life's things.

Ok, nothing more today. Maybe on Monday.

If yer in Shady Springs, WV, I would love to know it. If your ISP is based there, same thing.


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