Thursday, July 30

Amazing how things change

I tell you what ...

Isn't that how some things start out if you are from 'back east'? Or is it 'hang on to my beer'? Either way, it sure means that you are expected to hear something that normally you just could not believe. You know, simple things like ...

Would you believe I went to church last Sunday?

It's true! I went to my grandparents church, and I didn't burn the soles of the feet, and it didn't get frozen over. I was a bit surprised at the latter one. Last time I stepped into a church here in AZ, we dropped 20 degrees the morning I decided I was attending church with the Wife. Maybe ya had to be there....

So to keep this post fairly short - considering it is very early AM time - the daughter has had her phone just a hair over a month. She exceeded the text limit we set before the end of the 2nd week. Wait. It only gets better. I have Alltel - bought out by Verizon. But Verizon doesn't completely take over until Oct 2009. The dumb bastard that set us up last month - well, he screwed up the entire deal we wanted so now I have to go in tomorrow (today) and bitch about how they screwed me. I am pissed enough I can't even go into details.

So I have that for 10 AM on my agenda. After that, I may be spent so much I will buy a 12 pack and spend the rest of the day on the couch. I dunno. Prolly not since the Wife has this week off on vacation.

Just be happy you are not in my world right now!


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