Tuesday, July 28

Back Home again!

Well, I made it back to hot Arizona last night. And I am up early today due to the adjustment of time. Indiana is 3 hours ahead of AZ.

Had a wonderful trip! Met many family members that I had not seen in many years. Enjoyed the nice weather, and had White Castles.

Caught my first bass ever on the first night there. Had homemade biscuits and gravy. I think overall I put on about 10 pounds whilst there. Everyone kept on feeding me like crazy.

Did Lake Michigan - well, cruised by the beaches anyways. Saw some babes. Did the family reunion and saw more babes - the ones under 2 years of age.

Okay, enough about the trip. Maybe some pics later - I don't know.

The Daughter is in Band Camp this week. Basically spending most of the day at the school learning the marching forms for this season. It is her last as she is a senior. Already though she is bitching about the heat - and I don't blame her. It was 112 yesterday. I know The Wife took her this morning with a large cooler of water. She has registration today as well.

The boys are doing good. I don't know if they were happy I was back home, but they liked the Purdue caps I got them. I got race shirts for the youngest and the Daughter. Plus a couple gifts for friends. The boys were more intent on their WoW game than anything else last night.

Sis and Stuman fly back home today from Indy. Sis had to pack somethings for me that I had no room for (about 5 thick books, and a mailbox name plate that was grandpa's) and the stuff I forgot there (spare battery and the battery charger for my camera). They won't be in til later tonight though.

We have a lot of family things coming up here in August. The 7th is Nate's bday (middle son); the 9th is my mom's 60th bday, but we can't celebrate until Stuman gets back from an Army trip to Germany - so that won't be until mid month. The In-Laws are celebrating their 50th anniversary the 15th. That means their very large family will be popping into town all that week I am sure. By Labor Day I am going to need the extra day of rest.

That's it for today! Good to be home. I missed the Wife and kids.


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