Monday, March 30

18 years with good behaviour? Maybe.

How's that joke go... the old man was crying at the table one morning and his wife comes in and asks what's wrong. He said if he had told your dad something other than yes, he might've been out of jail by now.

Well, something along those lines anyways.

The good thing is today is 18 years for the Wife and I. Personally, I don't know how she put up with me so long, but I guess in some ways that is why women are partly mysterious. Either way, it has been a good time overall, and we have been blessed with four children over that time span. Tonight, we are doing a simple dinner out at Olive Garden, and maybe a movie afterwards. I have the daughter watching the boys.

I know I will be the funny one walking into the restaurant though. My back is sore today. Spent most of the day Sunday watching the end of the softball tournament. Started at 8, ended after 4. Long time to be sitting on the bleachers. But there was enough beer for most of the day. We lost the first game we played and it put us out.

Think that is all I got for now. I think I am headed back to bed for a quick hour or so nap before doing things around the house.


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