Wednesday, March 13

Attempt Number Two

I made it to that place I was talking about yesterday. You know, the one I was applying for a *ack* job. The application process is a little more detailed than what I had been told from the head honcho there. I'm to fill out an app, leave it there, then call a number to give a phone "spiel" that they provided. The call may be recorded, or if someone answers, I am to treat it like a live call with the script. The purpose makes perfect sense considering it is a position where they are represented via the telephone. I was just not prepared for it. So I took home the app and script, and plan on returning today. I figure I will just sit in their quiet lobby and make the phone call.

Things here have pretty much returned to a normal routine. Well, normal I guess for us. The only thing that has changed is that I no longer need to go to MIL's to sit with FIL so she can go grocery shopping, or pick up the ids, etc. It is kind of nice to have those times free again, though this whole job thing may change that even more.

Since FIL's passing, a few of the ladies from the church have brought dinner by for us. I queried the Wife last night, that I thought the dinners were to go to the family with the loss, so shouldn't these be going to her Mom rather than us. She had mentioned the same to the ladies, and their response was that it was for us, so that we have the time to help MIL be sure she eats and takes care of herself. It was a bit of "different thinking" and either way I don't care. I get a little more variety this way, though I am sure it won't be for much longer. Last night someone brought by El Pollo Loco (chicken restaurant sorta Mexican style). I don't recall having ever ate there (not one in a near vicinity) so when I saw what was there, I got a bit excited. Turns out, I don't care much for their style of seasonings. Nothing too hot or whatever, just not as 'original' like I was hoping. I mean, it was baked chicken. Thank goodness there was a bean and rice burrito for me to eat.

Tonight is another pool league night. I think I am losing the weight challenge my friend Jan and I are doing. I weighed myself in yesterday, and had gained a pound since last week. Them church ladies fault I do declare. He has been losing some each week, though I have been dropping more. He may get it this week.

And that is all I have today.



reverend mother said...

I lover el Pollo loco! One at 55 av and bell. Dunlap &3rd st. 23 ave &northern. 3rd st& bell. You might like the Pollock bowl

Ralphd00d said...

You can have it RM... I don't like it.