Monday, March 11

It's Been .... Tiring

This past week has been very, very tiring. This morning I feel almost back to normal, like I have caught up on my sleep. The weekend even felt like a typical weekend for me. I didn't do anything special, but it was good to get back into a routine so to speak.

The family seems to have rebounded pretty well with the FIL's passing. MIL is doing fine as far as I can tell. Services won't be until April, so there is yet a couple weeks (plus) before things will get all emotional again for them. Definitely not looking forward to that time.

It will be nice to day to get the new tire for my van. I have had that dang donut spare on there since Friday, when one tire decided to give up it's last breath. The tire was nice enough to wait until I was parked before doing so, at least. In the process, I found a good tire place that is cheaper than Discount Tire by quite a bit. I shall be going there this morning in the next few hours.

Still dealing with a bit of a sore throat. Had what seemed a minor sinus infection come on last week, and thought it appears to have cleared up, there is some residual going on. Hence the sore throat. I a hoping it hasn't actually turned into something else. I didn't want to go to the doctor to only have him give me some antibiotics and say to rest. I'll give it a few more days to see if it clears up or gets worse, though at the moment, it seems to be getting better.

That's all I got today. I am sure I will be piecing together what plans need to get done this week as I go.


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