Wednesday, March 20

My Plans Foiled Again

Welcome to my mid-week crap-and-bitch festival.

The boys, already I have gone through two days that were exact replicas of each other. If any two are awake, and in the same room, there is fighting and yelling going on. The only time there was quiet (it seemed anyways) was when one of two of them were still asleep, and at lunch, when everyone had food in their mouth. By the time the Wife got home, both nights I put in a dvd on my computer and turned up the volume to shut them all out. Then I go to bed. So, the bed problem.....

Last night I was awakened by the Wife shutting the bedroom door. As a rule, we always keep it open, in order to hear if there is a sick child, or the animals knock something over and break it, etc. She had shut it as the middle son (with the problem) was whining and crying about not wanting to sleep anywhere but with Mom. It as 1am, and I was awake. I got up, and proceeded to berate him that this was enough. Within 15 minutes, he had tried twice more to creep into our room and into the bed. Both times I caught him, and the second time he got swatted. The third time, about 20 minutes later, was his last attempt, and he was grounded from the computer for the rest of the week, plus he had to go to his Grandma's (at least for Wed.) and work pulling weeds from her yard. He didn't try again, but everytime the Wife moved, or the dog jumped on/off the bed, it woke me looking to see if he was trying to sneak in again. So yes, I am a bit cranky and tired today.

I was able to get to the gym for the first time this week. I am sure if I tried harder I could have been there more, but - anything I say is just an excuse now. I did go this morning, and not happy about the weight as I gained a little back. The boys were all sent with the Wife to her mother's this morning, the goal being for them to work at pulling the weeds from the yard, so there is not just an infestation in what little grass she has growing. I have my doubts it will happen. Also, today is Pool Night, so I don't have to worry about leaving them at home alone for an unspecified amount of time under the command of the oldest. He has a "bossy attitude" like his sister does, and it reflects quite openly.

Did I get enough bitching in? Not yet.... The Wife, though I love her to death (most days) and I love her cooking. But WHY does she have to fix my favorite dishes on the night before I weigh in at the gym? Last night she fixed Turkey enchiladas (one of my favorites, obviously) and I could only have a small helping, as I knew I would weigh in this morning, and did not feel confident. This having to do with a weekly bet with a friend. She seemed disappointed in me (moreso than usual anyways) for not scarfing down two helpings, even after I explained to her why I had not done exactly that. Going to bed with a "feels pretty empty" stomach was not a joyful experience, though I know I actually had enough to eat.

Every bad thing/day seems to have a bit of silver lining though. Guess what I get for lunch today!


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