Tuesday, March 5

After the Party is Over

Edit: This is a canned post. Mostly because it was on my mind, and I wasn't sure when I would have time to post otherwise.

Tuesday 3/5

From the past few posts (days) I've shared that my FIL had been hospitalized, and things were not looking very well on him recovering. Today, the hospice people showed up and got the ball going, to get him transferred from the hospital to their facility. It isn't far, being maybe 3 miles away from the hospital. By noon, he was in the hospice, and I had arrived. Mostly I went to help give support to the Wife, and see if there was any needed errands, etc for me to do. I could have done it by phone, but better to appear in person. Within minutes of me being there, my FIL passed away.

Tears flowed, as expected. Calls made, planning for cremation (his choice) and all those needed things done. The hospice was allowed to have his body at rest there for up to 16 hours, as the family was hoping on the son driving from FL would be able to at least say goodbye to the physical body. I found out later, he would not make it to town in time, as he needed some sleep, having drove over 20 hours to get here. We expect him in late tonight/early morning. MIL has been going strong through it all. This was expected to happen, it was a matter of when. The Wife is there to help with MIL burden the shoulder oft hings to be done, to be sure she eats, support.

Personally I have had a somewhat hard time. Old scars breaking open, as I, too, know what it is to lose a father. My FIL has been a father to me over these past 22+ years, that it is almost like losing my first one all over again. My tough man facade has been dropping to pieces and I feel like I can't control it at times. All part of the grieving process I know. That doesn't help any though, the knowing.

Bill Jones, my FIL, was a good man. HE worked for the American Missionary Fellowship for over 40 years, over-seeing the state of Arizona for almost all of them. Started so many congregations in the smaller towns, that I lost count. He was a man that would drop everything to come help you with a problem, even if he didn't know how to fix it, he would be there if you needed it. He gave so much time to his work for Christ, to his family, to everyone. Bill gave me his daughter's hand in marriage, and we know how much that means to me. Dad will be one that so many will miss by the loss of his physical presence.

For you Dad, heard it within minutes of you passing.... and you are now part of that number.



Joe said...

You are all in my prayers.


Rev Mom said...

Been praying for you too as I felt it would be painful and bring up memories. I love you.

Rev Mom said...

Thinking of you. I know it is painful. I love you.