Friday, March 29

What Can I Scrounge Up Today

I have sat here for about twenty minutes so far this morning, trying to come up with something even remotely interesting for you to read about. Nothing really comes to mind, so I guess I shall just ramble. It is Friday, and this particular one is Good Friday, as it is Easter weekend. Like many families, ours will be getting together at Sis' house this Sunday for lunch. With the passing of my FIL, Sis has offered invitation to my MIL to join us, rather than be alone for the holiday. The Wife is supposed to be checking with her mom this morning if she would like to go with us.

Wednesday night, my buddies and I discussed if we were going to attend OTL this year over in San Diego. I was the first to admit that I had to back out, as money was a problem for me. Even if they put in enough to cover the hotel, the money needed for our drinking and eating would still be a problem. One of the other guys admitted he more than likely would not be able to go as well. He has had some car problems of late, and they don't know what is wrong. Added to that, his wife and he have a family reunion in VA they are going back for next month. So this year's Days of Debauchery will not be taking place in San Diego. I doubt we would have it here in town - too easy for the Wives to know what we were up to.

But that does leave me Phoenix Comicon to attend! It takes place Memorial Day Weekend, and has a few fantasy authors doing panels and signings. I am looking forward to meeting a few of them. I have been in contact with one, that mentioned he may have some early published book copies of the new anthology he is putting out. One that has at least 5 of the authors at that Con. Plus, two of the authors are from here in the Valley area. Yeah, definitely would like to go do that. Would be my first Con.

Well, guess that is about all you get today. Not bad considering it took less time to type this compared to me sitting here trying to think of something to write.


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