Friday, March 22

Craft Idea: Building Rock Cairns

Friday has finally arrived, and surprisingly, the boys are still alive. Mostly I think it is because I am too lazy to want to dig a hole in the sun-baked hard desert soil, and the idea of carrying who knows how many rocks to make a cairn is even more effort. I could be like some of the drug cartels out here, and just drive to the west side of the valley and dump the body on some empty stretch of road. Nah. My house is the first one they would come to when the ID the body...if I left enough evidence anyways. All in all getting to be too much work to even enjoy the thought of killing the boys - even when they are fighting among each other.

The mood to write has been bothering me more of late. I thought the other day I had slipped into the fugue that I like, and tried to hash out some stuff. Looking back over it later, it was crap. I mean, crap worse than my usual stuff. I guess I can't just whip out some really short story like I used to be able to do. I guess now I need to outline a form, work in character development, and pray for some sort of plot that can go somewhere. Kind of makes me want to give up just even writing anything. But I am sure I shall persevere.

Tomorrow is the 100th birthday celebration of one of the ladies that attends the church the Wife goes to. She is a family friend of Rev. Mom from back before I moved out here. She had 3 sisters, 2 of which have passed away since then. We called all of them "Aunt ****" as did so many of the younger generations. I have no idea if we are going or not. I am not sure I can tolerate being around the crowd I expect to be there.

Well, I guess I should enjoy this quiet time while the boys are still asleep. I still have the day to change my mind about the craft idea....


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