Sunday, March 31

Hoppy Easter

Before I start bitching, I want to share that yesterday the Wife and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary. We did so by going grocery shopping, and a lunch at Souper Salad. Extravagant, I know, but nothing but the best for my baby.

That brings us to the sun rising this morning on yet another day of religious fervor and merchants sitting back with contented sighs because they have my money. A portion of yesterday's shopping included the requisite candies in order for the Wife to make baskets for the kids. I don't see the purpose in the baskets anymore. Just give the kids a plastic shopping bag with assorted candies and say, "Here, kid. Happy Easter. Don't eat it all at once." I did not see here going out to the storage room looking for the actual baskets, nor did I see her searching for any plastic grass, or additional eggs, so I may get off easy, and she'll just throw some candy at the mob. I have no clue as to her plans, but I am not waking her at this hour to find out.

Today will be spent with the Wife and kids attending church, with the MIL. however, I guess the MIL feels she is not quite up to being sociable (with other families for a holiday meal) and does not want to go to Sis' today with us. I have not made up my mind of I want to attend church this morning or not. I will probably stay home. Though, I know it would make Rev. Mother happy to see me in church, but my comfort level is more important than doing that just to please her by faking an interest in practicing religion. But that's a WHOLE other topic.

With that all being said, best wishes to you that you enjoy your holiday, however you spend it.


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