Friday, March 1

Friday Is Here... Thank Goodness

Normally Fridays are somewhat hectic for me. Trying to get everything done that needed to get done that week, that somehow got pushed back. But today shall be a relaxing day. I was going to start it off good, by going to the gym after dropping the oldest at school. But that didn't happen. I wimped out. I decided I did not feel like going, and would just be a good boy and eat better this weekend, then start the cycle over on Monday. I had mentioned to PT that I planned on being there this morning, so I am sure he will eb looking for me... oops!

No big plans for the weekend. Some friends and I were talking about meeting up at another friend's house tonight, but I am not sure it is going to happen at this point. It's only morning though, so who knows. No softball on Sunday, so I will sleep in that day I guess.

Yeah, life sounds pretty boring about now.


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