Tuesday, March 12

Going Out and Trying Again

I am going out today to put in yet another job application. I have talked to some of the staff that work there, and it "sounds" like I would be sure to get the job. The main downfall is that there isn't really an "open position" at this time. Sooo, I could be put on hold until a position becomes available, they could let someone else go so I can have that slot, create an open position, or I may not even get hired. At this point, I am looking on the negative side of things for so long now, I really don't care. But the need for a job is getting more and more pressing for our family financials. I do feel hopeful, even if this isn't my first, or second-fifth, choice of a job type.

That being said, I will be spending this morning going through my resume and making sure my info is handy and available for me as I fill out my app. What sucks is the last employer I had is out of business, so getting in touch with them for reference is non-existent. Such is my luck. Makes me glad I was able to get my last paycheck from them years ago when I left there.

So the butterflies are starting up already and I have about three hours before I was told the best time to submit an app. Not going to be a fun time....


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